About Jerry Gil & Co Ltd.


Jerry Gil & Company is an importer of fine quality gemstones. Our company was founded over 30 years ago and has grown into a premiere source for truly exquisite one-of-a-kinds. Each gemstone has been handpicked from many different regions throughout world and imported to our offices in New York. Exceptional quality, brilliance, uniqueness and sheer beauty define our standards when selecting our inventory.


We have put our entire collection of gemstones online so that every client has a preview of the gemstone before asking to see it in person. Not only have we photographed each stone, but we've also recorded an HD flash video for each one too. Clients now have a "true-to-life" visual of the gemstone, which will help them complete a sale quickly and more efficiently. We want our clients to maximize their profits and we truly believe that displaying our inventory online will help sell colored stone jewelry.

This site is intended for members of the jewelry industry only.